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Frequently Asked Questions

Which browser can I use best?

For your safety, use always an up-to-date browser, like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Windows Internet Explorer (version 9 or higher) or Safari.

I have had multiple login flyers, how can I combine these?

From the home screen, you can fill in multiple login codes if you like. When you are logged in, you can use the button ‘Add Login Folder’.

I miss a Login Flyer or lost one, how can I get a new one?

Please, ask the teacher if there are Login Flyers in School. If there are no Login Flyers anymore, or not yours, please contact our Helpdesk. Collect as many information as you have, like the name of the Fotographer, the website were to Log in, the name of the School and/or some Login name(s) you have. We try to find your Login date, with a little help from the fotographer.

Login doesn’t work, what I have to do now?

Check if you filled in the right data, when you made (for example) a type mismatch, all the fields are marked red. Pay attention: the password is using only lowercase. (check your ‘Caps Lock’ key on your keyboard).

When you have still problems, please contact our Helpdesk, give is your Login data and the website you have to Login. We will further assist you.

How long the pictures stay online?

The pictures stay online for many years after you received the Login Flyer.

How many times can I Login or make an order with the same Login data?

You can as often if you like making an order, as long as the pictures are online. You can also give the Login data to, for example, the grandparents of the child, so the can make an order by themselves.

What is the delivering time of my order?

The delivery time is 1 till 5 working days, this depends on the products you order. The named working days are days of production which we need to produce your products. When your order is completely finished, it will all sent together.

  • Photo Prints: 2 working days
  • Canvas, Gadgets and Print-to-Plate products: 5 working days
  • Crystel Cubes: 3 weeks

After the production time, the order will be packed and sent carefully to you. Depending of the products we sent it with PostNL or our Package Carrier. The delivering is asap, it can take a few days.


I have received a message that my order was sent, but I have not received anything. How is that possible?

When you received the e-mail, it means that your order is produced and waiting to be picked up by the transporter. Depending on the product, by PostNL or our package-carrier. We are depending on them, when your package will be delivered.


Where does the order cost consist?

The order cost consist of postage, Packaging materials, Service charge, etc. The order cost will be calculated only over the heaviest / largest product. You pay the order cost per placed order. To avoid double order cost, you can Login with all your Inlog Flyers.


I received my pictures, but the sizes are not exactly the same as my ordered pictures, how is that possible?

The delivered sizes of the Photo Prints may be different from your ordered sizes. The sizes we named on the website are the sizes which are the ‘popularly expression’ sizes. The real sizes depends on the paper sizes.

Hereby some real sizes:

  • 9x13 cm is in real  8,7x12,6 cm
  • 10x15 cm is in real 10,2x15,3 cm
  • 13x18 cm is in real 12,6x17,8 cm
  • 13x19 cm is in real 12,6x19,1 cm
  • 20x30 cm is in real 20,3x30,5 cm


I like to order multiple different pictures in one discount set, how can I do that?

It is not possible to combine multiple different pictures in one discount set. You can order a single picture and/or discount set extra.


I like to add or change something to my order, how can I do that?

After complete the order you can’t make any changes or adding something to your order. We are working with a fully automated system, after your paying the orders will be directly sent to our production.


I'm not completely satisfied with my product which I received, what do I have to do?

How annoying that you’re not totally satisfied, we strive for 100% satisfaction. For helping you as good as possible, we ask you to contact us. Please give your order number, description and a picture of your complaint. As it is about personalized Photo Products, it depends on the complaint how it will be solved.


Pay attention: You must notify us of the complaint within 8 days of receipt.


How can I return my order?

In the Netherlands every customer has the right of withdrawal when He or She ordered something online. All our products are personalised products and are excluded of the right of withdrawal.


More Questions?

If your question is not answered above, or you will contact us. Please fill in the contact form in the menu ‘Contact’, by e-mail to or by Telephone on working days between 09:00 AM till 4:00 PM on our telephone number +31 (0)320 275200.